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All our pricing plans include all our features. Whether you're a solo practitioner or a multi-branch enterprise, ChiDesk has the features to help grow your business.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling

  • Simply drag and drop appointments to reschedule or change the staff member.
  • Setup custom appointment states and colour code your appointments by state.
  • Filter your calendar by employee, availability, category, resource and more.
  • Book multiple services and clients on a single appointment to easily manage group bookings.
  • Appointment validation and warnings prevent double bookings and ensure client preferences.
  • Assign multiple employees, resources or equipment to every service booking.
  • View the entire day, week or month and easily see employee availability all on one calendar.
  • Book your clients in for recurring appointments by day, week and month.
  • Notify your clients automatically when their appointment is confirmed, changed or cancelled.
Online Booking

Online booking

  • Give your clients access to your own member's area where they can manage their appointment and class bookings.
  • Allow your clients to book appointments and classes directly from your own web site.
  • Customise the look and feel of the embedded booking widget to suit your own web site.
  • Receive automated email notifications when a client books or purchases online from your business.
  • Allow clients to submit their information and accept your terms via a digital registration form.
Point of Sale

Point of sale

  • Sell services with specific durations and requirements.
  • Sell products using an optional bar-code scanner and track stock levels automatically.
  • Sell and track the usage of pre-paid courses and sessions for your clients.
  • Sell digital vouchers and keep track of their expiry, usage and redemption.
  • Hand out coupons with specific requirements that allow your clients discounts on specific sales.
  • Sell and track memberships with specific prices, start and end dates.
  • Create and sell packages made up of a selection of services, products and courses.
  • Setup price lists to charge different rates for specific staff members, memberships and days of the week.
  • Loyalty points are automatically applied to client accounts on each sale.
  • Recurring invoicing and receipting automates the management of memberships and contracts.
  • Track commission earned and gratuities received per employee.
  • Allow clients to make purchases on account, and easily monitor outstanding account balances.
  • Record multiple payment methods for a single invoice.
  • Sell your products online through your private client member's area.
  • Setup company accounts to pay for client visits. Payment history is recorded on the company, whilst visit history is stored with the client.
Stock Control

Stock control

  • See how much stock is on hand at any given time and track movement using reports.
  • Generate purchase orders automatically based on your low stock, and email them directly to your suppliers.
  • Create goods received notes directly from your purchase orders to speed up stock deliveries.
  • Set product reorder levels to be automatically notified when stock starts running low.
  • Setup recipes for your services and track your professional stock automatically.
  • Stock levels adjust automatically when you invoice or return stock to a client.
Class Scheduling

Class scheduling

  • Always know how many clients are booked onto a specific class and track attendance.
  • Keep track of outstanding pre-paid sessions per client and generate invoices at the end of a class.
  • Class schedules can be viewed by date range or individual instructor.
  • Allow your students to view and reserve places online in your client member area.
  • Publish your schedule and allow bookings from your own web site using our booking widget.
  • Allow your clients to check themselves in when they arrive at your studio using the self-check-in screen.
Employee Management

Employee management

  • Streamlined employee scheduling via a simple drag-and-drop scheduler.
  • Assign logins to each employee and setup security roles to control what they have access to.
  • Track employee shifts, leave, sick days and other types of absent periods.
  • Time clocking functionality helps you monitor employees who work on a time basis.
  • Staff members can access and adjust their schedule from wherever they are.
  • Employee commission is tracked and calculated automatically along with work hour totals.
  • Setup and track sales targets per employee.
Client Tools

Client tools

  • Keep a detailed profile for each of your clients, including contact details, personal information and more.
  • View client history instantly, including purchases, appointments, class bookings and other transactions.
  • Attach contracts, images and other documents to your client profiles.
  • Allow your clients to book their own appointments, reserve places in your classes and purchase retail products themselves.
  • Sell and collect payment for digital vouchers and choose when to deliver them to the recipient.


  • Track your Sales and group data by item type, employee, supplier and more.
  • Plan ahead with the Sales Projection report and ensure you have enough resources on hand.
  • View your most active clients with the Top Spenders report.
  • Keep track of where your clients are coming from using the Sources report.
  • The Age Analysis and Client Statement reports help you control your debtors.
  • Use the Employee Commission report to save you time at month end and provide a complete commission calculation per employee.
  • The Memberships report helps you track current, new and cancelled memberships over a period of time.
  • Determine your busiest days of the week, and busiest times of day with the Appointment Activity report.
Marketing & CRM

Marketing & CRM

  • Build contact lists from your client database using a variety of filter options.
  • Send email or SMS messages to your contact lists.
  • Create customised text or HTML email templates.
  • Include merge fields to automatically fill in details such as client name, service booked and other details.
  • Include an unsubscribe link in your communications to allow clients to manage their preferences.
  • Automate the sending of appointment reminders, follow-ups or thank you messages to your clients.
  • Allow your clients to rate their appointment and track this per employee.
  • Integration with Mandrill from MailChimp means you can track email sending statistics with ease.
Online Payments

Online payments

  • Easily collect payment for online bookings and product orders using your preferred payment gateway.
  • Be open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Support for PayPal, Stripe, PayGate, MyGate, NetCash and PayFast.
  • Successful transactions automatically raise a receipt against the generated client invoice.
  • Create monthly debit order batches and import them directly into SagePay.
Hardware Options

Hardware options

  • Bar coded membership cards or key tags help you quickly check-in clients and retrieve their session history.
  • Attach a receipt slip printer to your computer and print invoice and receipt slips for your clients.
  • Link a cash drawer to your receipt slip printer to keep your cash sales secure.
  • Use a bar code scanner to quickly process retail product sales at check-out.
Multiple Sites

Franchise and multiple branches

  • Share client profiles, account balances, loyalty points and vouchers across all your branches.
  • Quickly switch between sites and view their individual data.
  • Run consolidated reports that bring all your branches data into a single report.
PMS Integration

Hotel property management integration

  • Retrieve guest information based on room number from within ChiDesk.
  • Seamlessly post invoices into third party property management systems.
  • Integrate directly with Micros Opera and Protel.
Cloud Based

Cloud based

  • Your data is backed up daily using industry-standard backup procedures.
  • Our applications run on cloud servers employing numerous redundant data and safety systems.
  • We use industry-standard SSL to encrypt all communications between our servers and your devices.
  • We offer support for the most popular web browsers and devices.

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