Online pilates software

ChiDesk helps you control your scheduled and private classes. You'll always know who is booked for a class and who has attended, and you can track outstanding and redeemed sessions per client.

Scheduled classes

Easily keep track of student attendance, outstanding sessions and invoicing.

Online class bookings

Your students can view and book available spaces for your scheduled classes.

Full student history

All your student information is in one place. So you can view attendance, purchases and other important information.
Online Pilates studio management software

Class management

Managing your classes is easy with our Pilates studio management software. Your students can reserve places in your classes online, and you can track attendance easily from the scheduler screen. Pre-paid sessions are tracked automatically so you'll always know how many sessions a student is still owed.

Customer relationship management

Keep in touch with your students by sending out automated emails and SMS's from ChiDesk. Scheduled messages will automatically send out for student birthdays, appointment reminders and thank you messages.

Business management

Using our Pilates studio software you can manage both your private training and your scheduled classes. The point of sale functionality helps you invoice and track your sales, including product sales and other retail items.


ChiDesk includes a wide range of reports that will allow you to put more focus on your clients. Sales, projected sales and class attendance are all tracked and easily available. Reports can be exported into a variety of formats for additional processing if required.

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