Online yoga software

ChiDesk helps you manage your scheduled and private classes, and easily keep track of outstanding and redeemed sessions for your clients.

Scheduled classes

Keep track of attendance and outstanding invoicing with ease.

Online class bookings

Member area allows your students to view and book available classes.

Complete student history

Track attendance, purchases and all related data for your students.
Online Yoga studio management software

Class management

Our yoga studio management software helps you control your scheduled classes with ease. Customers can book places online and you can track attendance easily from within the application. You can keep track of how many sessions each of your students are still owed, and redeem these sessions automatically after each class attendance.

Customer relationship management

Add a personal touch to your studio by sending out customisable emails and SMS's to your customers. You can setup scheduled messages to send automatically for your client birthdays, class reminders, special offers or thank you messages.

Business management

Our yoga software helps you manage both your scheduled classes as well as your private appointments. Integrated point of sale makes it easy to control invoicing and manage stock if you also sell retail items to clients.


Our comprehensive reports mean you'll spend less time managing your business and more time focusing on your clients. Easily track your sales, projected sales and class attendance. All our reports can be exported into various formats or emailed directly from the application.

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