Hotel spa software

ChiDesk has all the features you need effectively manage your hotel spa and increase efficiency for both you and your staff. With integrations into leading property management systems, we streamline the entire spa management process.


Schedule services, packages and courses using the intuitive scheduler. Employee shifts are also a breeze using the familiar calendar interface.

Point of sale

Invoice individuals or groups and capture multiple payment methods in a few simple steps.

Stock control

Track retail sales and professional stock levels with ease. Professional stock is updated based on your loaded recipes.

Property management system integration

We currently integrate with some of the leading hotel PMS systems on the market. These include Mews, RoomRaccoon, Protel, Opera, Semper and Hotelier. Users can easily query the PMS for checked-in guests, post room charges, and send through full revenue details at day end.

Customer relationship management

Send customisable emails and SMS’s to your customers with a simple mouse click or setup scheduled messages to send automatically for your client birthdays, appointment reminders, special offers or thank you communications. Customisable vouchers and memberships can also be easily setup and can further increase client loyalty and satisfaction.

Online spa management software

Client management

Our spa software platform helps you understand your client’s needs and preferences. ChiDesk consolidates client information so that you can keep track of client marketing, therapist and service preferences as well maintain a detailed client history. Medical and allergy warnings ensure that your clients are protected and powerful filtering options ensure you target the right clients for your separate marketing campaigns.


If you are not financially orientated, ChiDesk will take the stress out of daily cash balances, tip and petty cash management. The process is automated, so minimal effort is required to keep your finances in check. Numerous reports also ensure that you can keep track of daily & projected sales, resource & employee utilization and more. All reports can be exported into a variety of formats and emailed directly from our spa management software.

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